Hello there, I’m Melissa and I’d like to welcome you to Kindle and Flourish.

In the past 4 years that I’ve homeschooled our 3 daughters there are two questions that I’ve been asked the most:

Why do you homeschool?


What do you do all day?

Like most fellow homeschool parents, I’ve found it useful to craft a customary and concise answer to the first question, especially handy when out in public with the kids on a weekday afternoon. No, they’re not ill. Yes, school is open today.

Mine, while simple, conveys what is at the heart of our family’s homeschool decision and journey.


Freedom to pursue our interests.

Freedom to discover new ones.

Freedom to decide where, when, and how we want to learn.

My answer to the second question adjusts each year, sometimes each day, and with each child individually.

We explore, read, and study. Yes, there are chemistry experiments, Algebra, and tests. Mostly, we do life together, as a family.

Maybe you’re considering home education for your child/children and wondering what a day-in-the-life-of a homeschool family looks like.

Or maybe you’re a fellow homeschool parent researching curriculum, home management, or just need encouragement from someone who understands our unique lifestyle and goals.

Throughout these past few years I’ve discovered that the best resource for helpful insights, encouragement, and comradery has been other homeschooling moms. Through Kindle and Flourish I will offer those things to you too.

This year I’ll have a child in High School (9th), Middle school (7th), and Elementary (5th) grade levels. Note to self: deep breath. You got this. I’ll share what has worked for us, what hasn’t, and what we’re diving into for the coming year. Take a look at the STEM products, toys, and books we’ve discovered, some that are especially geared towards girls. You’ll often find one of us in the kitchen as we make a lot of healthy, home cooked meals and have an aspiring baker in the house. I’ll share our favorite recipes as well as tips for getting a healthy meal on the table fast.  I have an ever growing travel bucketlist and even with a modest budget we’ve managed to successfully check off a few places. I’ll let you know how we did it and share some of the wonderful places to visit around our home state of the past 2 years, the beautiful Bluegrass state of Kentucky.

See what we’re up to and say hello on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest too.

I’m looking forward to sharing and connecting with you.