Homeschooling High School
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Homeschooling High School

Just when I felt like we were sailing through homeschooling,

my oldest homeschooler began 9th grade.

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Suddenly I envisioned a very short road with about a thousand hoops to jump through in order to reach the finish line. Doubts began to creep into my mind. I won’t bother to describe them because if you’re reading this most likely you’re a homeschooling parent and they are probably lurking in the back of your mind too.

Our oldest child had already graduated public high school in 2014. Both my husband and I were public school graduates. This daughter would be our first to graduate our homeschool. This was all new to us.

Courses. Testing. GPA. Transcripts. Records. College admissions. Scholarships.

I needed a lot of advice for this leg of the homeschool journey and fortunately there is an amazing company that provides the tools, expertise, and encouragement all in the one place, The HomeScholar

Founded by homeschooling mom, Lee Binz, she has been there. Browse around The Homescholar site and you will find so many informative resources like webinars, books, articles and training courses. Even an entire page of free resources. She educates parents on every aspect of homeschooling high school, eliminates the fears with personal encouragement, and demystifies the path to a successful college preparatory education while still enjoying the advantages of a homeschooling environment.

With the Gold Care Club or Silver Training Club Memberships you can choose the level of counsel and training that would help your family and your student achieve their goals.








I selected the High School Solution program and spent time over the summer watching the presentations and taking notes. Together with my daughter, we confidently put together an exciting 4 year high school plan that will allow her to explore her interests and achieve her goals. With Lifetime access I’ll be able to use this resource whenever I need to for our other 2 daughters.

Whether you’re looking for help before or during the High School years I am sure you will find the perfect resource or program at The HomeScholar.



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