The EASIEST Way to Make Freezer Meals
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The EASIEST Way to Make Freezer Meals

I am so excited to share this opportunity with you!

In our household I have been responsible for all aspects of the “Culinary” department. Both as an employed mom and a stay at home mom, I have planned out our weekly menu, handled the shopping, and prepared all the meals as our family grew from 3 to 6. For 20 years. I’ll let you do the math.

While cooking is not my favorite activity, it has always been important to me to not only put a delicious dinner on the table for everyone, but a nutritious one as well. Often that requires a lot of time in the kitchen making homemade dishes and a lot of time researching recipes as well. Add in activities and sports schedules and that drive-through starts to look very appealing. Unfortunately, one meal out could easily cost close to half of our weekly grocery budget. Not to mention the lack of quality.

The entire process week after week was leaving me burnt out.

I know so many fellow parents struggle with this and are looking for an easier way.

I did some research and found a few menu planning services, this would take care of some of the prep work, but often they used processed ingredients or dishes that just weren’t appealing to us, so I’d end up omitting quite a few dishes from the list. Also, they usually served families of 4, so I’d have to adjust all the ingredient amounts as well.

Then I discovered Freezer Cooking.

You’ve probably seen the blogs and Pinterest photos of bags and trays stacked with meals headed for some lucky family’s freezer. It’s a great idea, spend a few hours in the kitchen and stock the freezer with meals for a week or more. Again though I found myself needing something just a little more customizable. Maybe your family has dietary preferences or the grocery store has a great sale on chicken or beef this week that you’d like to take advantage of.

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MyFreezeEasy is the answer.

A Basic membership provides meal plans in 8 different categories. The Premium membership (which is the one I chose) allows you to customize those meals and serving sizes with an awesome Drag & Drop feature. With each membership plan you simply choose your meals, print your shopping list, and you can even print the container labels. Meals change every month, so there are seasonal and new recipes to add to your list.

MyFreezeasy has made freezer cooking so simple and brought joy back to meal planning. My family has loved every single meal and I love having the peace of mind on busy days that I’ve got dinner covered.

There are 5 meals, which double to 10. Step by step instructions walk you through the whole process, all it takes is about an hour. There are even videos and tips from creator, Erin Chase, to help you organize your meal prepping session for maximum efficiency.

Basic Membership is $10/month (paid quarterly) or $95 annually

Premium Membership is $12/month, $36/quarter, or $120 annually

So here is that special opportunity:

The MyFreezEasy Make One, Freeze One Challenge

This is a great way to try out freezer cooking as well as the MyFreezeEasy site. Join for free and select from 3 different meal plans:

  • Traditional -mix of recipes
  • Slow Cooker – all slow cooker, chicken based meals
  • Instant Pot- meals for the Instant Pot  (This is the one I signed up for!)

Each recipe lists modifications for dairy or gluten-free preparation when possible. Print out your shopping list and gather your groceries. Next week, Monday, October 16th, when you make dinner that evening you will make a 2nd one for the freezer. So instead of making all 10 meals at once, you’ll prepare just 2 at a time and stock your freezer with 5 meals by Friday!

During the week stop by  Facebook and Instagram where I’ll be sharing photos and video as I prepare these meals. Also be sure to check out FreezEasy and the join FreezEasy Freezer Cooking Society for videos and tips from Erin Chase and other freezer cooking members.

If you have any questions about the challenge or freezer cooking, leave a comment for me below.

I look forward to cooking with you next week!

2 thoughts on “The EASIEST Way to Make Freezer Meals”

  1. Do you have to thaw when using the Instant pot? I love freezer meals and I’m interested in the Instant Pot, so this may be great!

    1. Hi,
      There are directions on each recipe on how to increase the cooking time if the meal is frozen or partially frozen. One issue I’ve found when cooking straight from frozen is that the bag, after having been laid down flat, is frozen in a rectangular/square shape, so that can make it difficult to put inside the round pot. Thawing it in some warm water for a few minutes helps loosen it up a bit so that you can adjust the shape enough to insert it into the pot. If you’re interested in some instruction for the Instant Pot, Erin Chase does an awesome online class called “Electric Pressure Cooking 101”

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