Money Saving Resources for Homeschool Curriculum
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Money Saving Resources for Homeschool Curriculum

Need help stretching those homeschool curriculum dollars?

When researching homeschool curriculum for our kids a large factor in the decision is budget. Some programs can cost several hundred dollars. Multiply that by several subjects and several kids and grand totals can easily start to climb into the thousands. By knowing how and where to shop for bargains, I’ve found that you don’t have to give up on your favorite choices due to lack of affordability.

These are my top 4 go-to resources for saving money on homeschool curriculum and books:

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  • Homeschool Buyers Co-op: This site is the largest homeschool buyers club in the world and the first place I look for deals. They offer some of the best prices on quality curriculum and Group Buys offer even more discounts when the number of purchasers increase.  So for example, you may start out with 20% off a product, but that discount bumps up to 30% if 20 people or more also purchase the same product. Many publishers also offer exclusive “try before you buy” opportunities for members. This summer, when we were trying to decide on a web design program for my 9th grader, she was able to try out the CompuScholar online program for free for a month. She really enjoyed it so we then purchased it at a discounted price for this school year.  Membership is free and new deals are added weekly.

For significant savings,

Buy Used!

You can find curriculum, books, videos, even lab equipment that are gently used for a fraction of the cost of buying new. I purchased a $420 history curriculum for less than $200. A $150 popular math program for $70. Here’s where I find the best deals:

  • Amazon: Anyone remember when they only sold books? Now they have just about everything and often beat competitor’s prices. When you’re searching for an item there, look next to the price to see if there is a listing of the number of new and used offers available. Some are sold by third parties, but fulfilled (stored, packed, and shipped) by Amazon. Conditions are listed from Acceptable to Like New with details, shipping times and prices, as well as seller ratings and information.
  • Ebay: The key to saving with Ebay is to have the time to wait for auctions to end and have a bottom line for your bid. On popular items bidding will start to ramp up towards the last few hours or even minutes, so set a Max Bid and have a plan B in case you’re outbid. Sometimes you can find items that are offered for immediate purchase, called Buy It Now, instead of for auction. Check the seller’s ratings and feedback and ask questions if the photos or descriptions aren’t clear regarding what’s included. Paypal is the safest way to pay and both Paypal and Ebay offer easy resolutions for any issues that might arise.
  • Facebook: This is where I found that great deal on the history curriculum. There are so many homeschool curriculum marketplace groups! You can search for local or national groups, or ones specific to the brand or publisher you’re looking for. Usually they require you to join and the best ones provide some guidelines for buying and selling. Communication between the buyer and seller is done through Facebook Messenger, so if you’re on a mobile or tablet, you’ll need the app. It also has features that allow you to pay through the app, but I prefer to use Paypal. I recommend requesting shipping insurance and a tracking number from the seller to ensure a smooth transaction as well.

I hope these resources help you to successfully accomplish your

homeschool curriculum and budget goals.





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