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Homeschooling High School

Just when I felt like we were sailing through homeschooling, my oldest homeschooler began 9th grade. This post contains affiliate links. Click here for full disclosure policy. Suddenly I envisioned a very short road with about a thousand hoops to jump through in order to reach the finish line. Doubts began to creep into myContinue Reading “Homeschooling High School”

In The Kitchen

The EASIEST Way to Make Freezer Meals

I am so excited to share this opportunity with you! In our household I have been responsible for all aspects of the “Culinary” department. Both as an employed mom and a stay at home mom, I have planned out our weekly menu, handled the shopping, and prepared all the meals as our family grew fromContinue Reading “The EASIEST Way to Make Freezer Meals”

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Money Saving Resources for Homeschool Curriculum

Need help stretching those homeschool curriculum dollars? When researching homeschool curriculum for our kids a large factor in the decision is budget. Some programs can cost several hundred dollars. Multiply that by several subjects and several kids and grand totals can easily start to climb into the thousands. By knowing how and where to shopContinue Reading “Money Saving Resources for Homeschool Curriculum”

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How to Select Homeschool Curriculum

Choosing the right curriculum for your homeschool can be a source of inspiration or a daunting task. While the homeschool community is blessed to have a wide array of curriculum products available, sorting through the abundance of choices can also be overwhelming, even for the seasoned homeschool parent. With the right tips and tools youContinue Reading “How to Select Homeschool Curriculum”

Curriculum Reviews

Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices for 2017-2018

There is a quote that I feel most accurately describes our family’s homeschool journey as we enter our 4th year, “The only thing constant is change.” As we begin a fresh, new school year with one daughter finishing her Elementary years, one in the middle of Middle and one in the beginning of her HighContinue Reading “Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices for 2017-2018”